9 'Game Of Thrones' Intro Parodies To Tide You Over Until The Season 8 Premiere

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A still from the Super Mario Game of Thrones parody. (YouTube)

There are two days, 10 hours, 34 minutes and 44 seconds to go before we finally get to feast our eyes on the final season of Game of Thrones (check out all the OMG moments from the trailer, if you haven't already). We don't know much about what's about to befall Cersei and co., but one thing is for sure, the streets will be filled with cries of DAA DAAA DA DA DAA on premiere night.

The dramatic, ever-changing Game of Thrones intro inspires a lot of feelings. And a lot of parodies too. Here are 11 riffs to tide you over until April 14, 2019.


To announce a limited edition Game of Thrones batch of Oreos, Nabisco created an intro made entirely of cookies and cream. Mmmmm, cookies.



Taking a page (har har) from Oreo's playbook, Moleskin created an intro, made entirely out of paper, to announce their collection of GoT-themed notebooks.

Yoda Pez Dispenser!

This DIY Funny or Die parody starts off normally enough. And then, as more and more GoT bros join the DAA DAAA DAA chorus, the Westeros map goes nuts, revealing non-canon locales such as an Apple store, a Yoda Pez dispenser and a DVD copy of We Bought A Zoo.


Sick of traveling through Westeros? Get in, loser, we're going to Middle Earth!

The Simpsons!

If Lord of the Rings isn't your thing, how about a field trip to Springfield instead?

Social Media!

It's hard to find a place more brutal than Westeros, but the world of social media comes pretty close.


I haven't seen The Lego Movie, but if it's anything like this, I'm in.


As if this list wasn't geeky enough, here's a Pokémon intro for good measure.


Too old to care about Pokémon? Then, this GoT rendering of Super Mario World is for you. Now I can't stop casting Mario characters into Game of Thrones. Princess Peach is obviously Daenerys. Mario is Jon Snow. Bowser is Cersei. Yoshi is Arya. Ok, I'm going to stop now.

Come back to this space for weekly recaps of Game of Thrones, starting April 14, 2019!