Game of Thrones: Every OMG Moment from the Season 8 Trailer!

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It's been nearly a year and a half since we watched the Night King saunter up to the Wall, think LOL! This little thing? and promptly obliterate it, sending a flood of zombies into Westeros and leaving fans wondering what the hell happens next. Well, now we have our first hint at what's to come in the form of the Season 8 trailer!

*pulls out magnifying glass*

Let's analyze these two minutes and two seconds, shall we?

The first shot is of Arya, because of course it is. She is the GOAT of GoT and deserves to rule them all. But she's not looking so great. There's mud all over her face, a bloody gash on her head and she's running. But from what?!?


Before we can worry too much, Arya lets us know she has this covered: "I know death. He has many faces. I look forward to seeing this one."

There's the fearless wonder we know and love! Exact your revenge, sis!

Lord Varys breaks the fourth wall to gaze into the camera with a look that says, I'm scared about all the people who are about to be unceremoniously killed off in the final few episodes. Me too, dude.

The only thing Cersei does better than mutilating her enemies is smiling in a creepy self-satisfied way. Good to know she hasn't lost her touch.

A light Daenerys and a dark Jon Snow continue to compliment each other. They are yin and yang. Very different, except for, you know, their genetics, which makes wanting them to end up together a very peculiar feeling.

Some sexiness that doesn't make me feel weird. These two:

Dear Drogon and Rhaegal, I've missed you both! Good luck barbecuing the Army of the Dead! But please be careful and try not to be turned into ice-blasting zombies. My heart can't take that again.

If you want to take Jaime Lannister's remaining hand, you're going to have to fight for it!

This loaded, teary look, my god! Is this the face you make when you're celebrating a victory that unfortunately involved killing your twin brother lover? Or the face of someone enjoying a last gulp of wine before being bombarded by zombies and torn to pieces?

Speaking of loaded looks, this initially looks like Arya is spooked (which so rarely happens, so you know it must be really bad), but then there's perhaps a flicker of amusement at her lips. Ack, this season is already giving me lots of anxiety!

"Babies, meet your new stepdad."

This is the face you make when you thought you were dating the hottest Jonas brother, but then Nick Jonas comes out of nowhere with all those new muscles.

Arya is the Tasmanian Devil of murder!

Tyrion is upset this millisecond is his only bit of screentime.

The living and the dead line up for the final battle, which will almost certainly scar us mentally for life. I'm ready. Are you?

Watch the trailer for yourself (and come back to KQED Pop when the season starts for recaps of every episode!):

The eighth season of Game of Thrones begins on April 14, 2019.