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About two years ago I began to suffer the greatest series of cluster headaches I have ever had. These are related to, but not exactly like, migraines and are also called suicide headaches. They can be extremely debilitating and people have been known to kill themselves from them. Fortunately I do not suffer to that extent -- but they are bad.

While I was leading trips in the Mojave, I went to see an eccentric artist friend of mine who lives on the edge of Death Valley. I mentioned my headaches to her. She said, "I am a hands-on healer and I can help you."

"Well I don't have time right now I have to go meet my other group."

"It only takes a moment."

Ok, I had nothing to lose. She uncrossed my legs, had me sit erect, closed my eyes and as I sat still on a worn out folding chair in the hot desert heat. She put her hands on my head, said some things I could not understand, brushed rapidly downward several times and that was it. Fifteen seconds, max.


Now I am a scientist-type, a skeptic. If it cannot be measured and data gathered under controlled circumstances then I don't usually believe it. The fact is, however, I have not had a headache in nearly two years. Now they are called cluster headaches for a reason so it could have just been a coincidence. Last April when I returned to the desert I stopped by for another hands-on healing from LeAnne, just in case it wasn't.

Right now we are immersed in this holiday season, and spirit abounds.  At age 60 I am finally beginning to understand, or at least feel, that there are many things in our world that cannot be quantified or explained but do exist. What hubris we humans have to think that if our feeble minds cannot grasp it, then it must not exist or be real.  There are things that are simply mysteries right now.

My friend LeAnne touched me and I was healed. How, I do not know. Maybe someday we will be able to measure the energy fields that emanate from some people that can actually rearrange neuronal pathways at a close distance but for now I must accept that LeAnne is simply a hands-on healer with a gift to give.

This is Michael Ellis, with a Christmas Perspective.