California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

A man wearing a black baseball cap and black t shirt stands in front of a mural.

Documents Show How California Dept. of Corrections Handles Racism Among Officers

Cartoon: a prison guard holding a "no vax mandate" sign is arm in arm with a COVID-19 character and Gov. Newsom. The governor holds a briefcase of money from the prison guards union. Caption is "Amicus Covidae, friend of covid."

Courtroom BFFs

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing "exhibit A," inmates being moved to San Quentin from Chino even though they were infected with COVID-19, then, "exhibit B," inmates mixed with the San Quentin population, then "exhibit COVID," and 75% of prison population infected and 28 deaths.

Cruel and Unusual and Coronavirus

San Quentin seen from the San Francisco bay

Court Hearing Examines Whether San Quentin’s Deadly COVID-19 Outbreak Could Have Been Prevented

San Quentin State Prison

After a Year of COVID-19 Outbreaks, California Prisons Reckon With Mistakes


Hundreds of People at San Quentin Petition for Release as COVID-19 Surges

Dentists at San Quentin Say Their Pleas to Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Spread Were Ignored

Released from San Quentin, Rebuilding Their Lives

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