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Cartoon: a prison guard holding a "no vax mandate" sign is arm in arm with a COVID-19 character and Gov. Newsom. The governor holds a briefcase of money from the prison guards union. Caption is "Amicus Covidae, friend of covid."

Handing Gov. Gavin Newsom and the prison guards union a temporary victory, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday blocked a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for prison workers from taking effect.

You read that right: Newsom and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association have been on the same side in court, fighting against mandatory vaccines for people who work in prisons — even as the virus has infected more than half of the state's incarcerated population since the pandemic began last year.

Meanwhile, our pro-science governor has pushed vaccine mandates ... unless you're in the union that oh-so-coincidentally gave him a million and a half dollars to fend off the recent effort to recall him.

How's that for some clear (as mud) public health messaging?