Bruce's beachBruce's beach

A collage image intended to be the title page for a video, showing various faces depicting Black historical figures in black and white juxtaposed with contemporary photos of some of the Black voices featured in the story, with a tagline reading 'Episode 4: how land was taken from Black Americans'

How Black Californians Had Their Land Stolen

Two couples stand on a walkway at the Bruce's Beach resort in Manhattan Beach, Calif., circa 1920. A few years later, the city condemned the property and seized it from its Black owners.

The Black Family Who Won the Return of Bruce's Beach Will Sell It Back to LA County

A man in a ball cap and a polo shirt poses on the sand, one hand resting on the head of a cane.

A Black Family Got Their Beach Back — And Inspired Others to Fight Against Land Theft

Green lawn overlooking the ocean.

California Moves to Return Stolen Land to Heirs of Couple Who Built SoCal Black Beach Resort in Early 1900s

A Black-Owned Beachfront Was Seized in the 1920s. Now LA County Says It'll Give It Back