200 People Airlifted to Safety from Creek Fire Near Fresno

On Friday September 4, 2020 the Creek Fire began. The fire is burning in the Big Creek area between Shaver Lake, Big Creek and Huntington Lake. The cause of the fire is under investigation. (Courtesy of Sierra National Forest)

200 People Airlifted to Safety from Creek Fire Near Fresno

the Creek Fire broke out Friday night near Fresno trapping around 200 people at the Mammoth Pool Reservoir. They were airlifted out to safety by helicopter. Officials say 20 people had injuries, including burns. The Creek Fire spread quickly and has now burned more than 73,000 acres.

Extreme Behavior of Creek Fire Baffles Fire Scientists

Dr. Scott Stephens has been monitoring the behavior of the Creek Fire.  He says this fire is behaving differently than other fires he's observed in the Sierra Nevada region. Drought conditions have created enormous smoke plumes and intense heat in the interior of the fire. 
Guest: Dr. Scott Stephens, Professor of Fire Science, UC Berkeley

Record-Breaking Temperatures Recorded in Southern California

Across California temperatures reached well into the triple digits on Saturday and Sunday with many places shattering old temperature records. North of Lost Angeles, Woodland Hills recorded a high temperature of 121 degrees on Sunday. The National Weather Service says  that's the hottest temperature ever recorded by a weather station in Los Angeles County.
Reporter: Saul Gonzalez, KQED

Californians Prepare for More Power Shutoffs Amid Heatwave

There are two kinds of power outages looming over California right now, Rolling blackouts and public safety power shutoffs. Increased demand for power and high winds could mean shutoffs across the state in coming days. 
Reporter: Raquel Maria Dillon, KQED