L.A. County's Atlantic Avenue is Quiet Amid High Unemployment

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Reginald Hall says cooking keeps him grounded as his neighborhood faces staggering unemployment. (Saul Gonzalez/KQED)

Trump Administration Defies Supreme Court, Rejects New DACA Applications

Advocates for immigrants in California are blasting the Trump administration for its decision to reject new applications for the DACA program, which allows undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to stay in the country. The Administration’s decision comes in spite of a Supreme Court ruling last month striking down President Trump’s attempt to end the program
Reporter: Tyche Hendricks, KQED

California Sues Trump Over Order Excluding Undocumented From Census Count

Last week President Trump issued a memorandum ordering that undocumented residents not be counted when it comes to determining seats in Congress. California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra responded yesterday with a lawsuit arguing that counting everyone is a constitutional mandate, and not including the undocumented could cost California seats in Congress. 

Farm Workers Face Uncertain and Dangerous Pandemic Working Conditions

According to a study released this week, farm workers in the San Joaquin Valley are three times more likely to get COVID-19 than in other industries. Those workers are also facing job losses.
Reporter: Madi Bolaños, Valley Public Radio

L.A. County's Atlantic Avenue is Quiet Amid High Unemployment

we've been checking in on how the pandemic has affected  people along L.A. County's Atlantic Avenue, a thoroughfare more than 20 mile long that cuts through a variety of working class communities, with large Black, Latino and immigrant populations.  Today we hear from Reginald Hall, who lives just off of Atlantic.
Guest: Reginald Hall, Atlantic avenue resident

Three Food Processing Plants Didn't Report Outbreaks Among Employees

Food processing plants in Los Angeles County have been shutdown due to coronavirus outbreaks, involving at least 40 workers at each business. Employers are required by local health orders to report outbreaks involving three workers or more.  
 Reporter: David Wagner, KPCC

COVID-19 Test Results Will Now Include Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

State health officials announced Tuesday that California will now require labs to include gender identity and sexual orientation, along with race and ethnicity data, when reporting coronavirus test results.
Reporter: Peter Arcuni, KQED

Fresno County Faces Scrutiny Over Jail Outbreak

More than 900 inmates at the Fresno County Jail have tested positive for the coronavirus since last month. 445 of those are considered “active cases.” Advocates question how well the county is getting a handle on the outbreak.
Reporter: Alex Hall, KQED

Esselen Tribe Purchases 1,200 Acres of Ancestral Land

For the first time in more than two centuries, the Esselen tribe in the picturesque Big Sur area has land to call its own. Through a state grant, the Monterey county tribe this week purchased almost 1,200 acres of its traditional territory. 
Reporter: Matt Guilhem, KCRW