How We Got Here, Part 5: Meaningful Work

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The tech industry is profiting off worker disempowerment, while those who have been the most oppressed are fighting for real change. (Giselle Chow)

Pundits and reporters hailed gig companies as a flexible, desirable “future of work” after the recession. With the pandemic, we are seeing how precarious and dangerous these contingent work arrangements are for those who are doing them.

While the tech industry profits off all the disempowered and isolated workers in our economy, those who have been most oppressed have been fighting for true economic and racial equality.

“How We Got Here” is a special five-part series made by Sam Harnett, Alan Montecillo, and Chris Hoff. These five episodes aired on The Bay from July 6-10. You can hear the rest of the series by following the links below. Illustrations by graphic facilitator, Giselle Chow.

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Part 5: Meaningful Work