Cartooning-in-Place: What Happens Inside a Cartoonist's Brain?

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It often begins with a headline or a quote from a news story — like recently, when a protester said that marching for human rights is “just as essential as going to the grocery store.”

That quote became the spark for one of Mark Fiore's recent political cartoons, which tackled the issue of protests against police violence.

In this episode of Cartooning-in-Place, he’ll take you into the cartoonists' creative process: From messy thumbnail sketches to carefully composed drawings with full color and lettering, Mark will show you how he uses reporting, pictures and words to craft a thought-provoking political cartoon.

When he's not showing you how to cartoon, Mark creates daily cartoons for KQED called Drawn to the Bay and a weekly political animation.

You can catch more wore video tutorials with Mark here.

Have a request for something you'd like to learn to draw? Send an email to And if you want to share a cartoon you've drawn after watching Cartooning-in-Place, send it in! We may feature it in a future episode.