California Reacts to Calls to "Defund the Police"

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Demonstrators fill the intersection at 14th and Broadway in Oakland at a protest against police violence on June 3, 2020. (Beth LaBerge/KQED) (Beth LaBerge/KQED)

California Reacts to Calls to "Defund the Police"

There’s a growing movement calling on governments to “defund the police,” as nationwide protests continue over the killing of George Floyd. It’s a provocative idea. But what exactly these kind of long overdue police reforms might look like in real life?
Reporter: Scott Rodd, CapRadio

Mayors: Some Promise to Reallocate Police Funding, Others Balk

Some mayors are resisting calls to reallocate police funding, saying it’s not realistic. The city of San Jose released its budget just yesterday. And the mayor there says defunding urban police departments is "the wrong idea at the worst possible time."
Reporter: Adhiti Bandlamudi, KQED

"Defund the Police": Just a Slogan Or An Opportunity?

Police unions will stand in opposition to many of the reforms that are being proposed in this moment. But what about the officials who run those departments? We wanted to know if there's appetite for change at the top.
Guest: Prof. David Kennedy, director of the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

State Releases Guidelines for Reopening Schools

Facial coverings, temperature checks, and spacing of students per public health guidelines are among several of the recommendations.

Courts Balance Safety Against Rights As They Reopen

The state’s court system has been paralyzed over the last few months, first by the pandemic, and then by protests, which forced courts to close just as trials were restarting. California courts are trying to balance public safety with constitutional rights.
Reporter: Sheraz Sadiq, KQED

Oakland Protests Birth Murals on Plywood Protection

Downtown Oakland has been the site of massive protests in the past week and a half -- and now it's the site of an outdoor art gallery of sorts. Bonafide artists and amateurs alike painted giant murals on the plywood covering windows of businesses there.
Guest: Jonathan Long, artist and organizer