What Do the Fall of Tech Stocks Mean for Startups?

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What Do the Fall of Tech Stocks Mean for Startups?

Well it is Friday, and you can bet executives at the state's top tech firms can't wait for this week to be over. This after another bruising day of stock market losses. The DOW fell more than 500 points, and that means real-world losses. Facebook lost at least $15 billion in market valuation, Google $36 billion, Apple $54 billion and on and on. We know what these losses mean for those companies, but what does it mean for the smaller investor?
Guest: Venture capitalist Venky Ganesan

Bay Area Lawmakers, Advocates Urge Governor to Pardon Southeast Asian Refugees Facing Deportation

Asian-American state lawmakers, along with impacted immigrants and civil rights advocates, are urging Gov. Jerry Brown to immediately pardon dozens of Southeast Asian refugees facing deportation.
Reporter: Hope McKenney

Cleanup of Radioactive Pollution Delayed by Decades

More than half a century ago, the Santa Susana Field Laboratory west of Los Angeles experienced a partial nuclear meltdown. Decades of radioactive and chemical pollution followed. And the planned cleanup, expected by 2017, hasn't happened yet. Now the lab’s neighbors want California’s gubernatorial candidates to promise a crackdown.
Reporter: Chris Richard

San Francisco Landlord Faces Multiple Lawsuits Over Living Conditions

Lawyers representing nearly 70 San Francisco tenants have just filed suit against the city's biggest landlord.
Reporter: Monica Samayoa

Republicans Hope Orange County's Historic Anti-Tax Sentiments Can Hold Off Blue Wave

In an attempt to stave off a serious wave of Democratic House challengers, Republicans in Orange County are turning to a tried and true tactic: stoking resentment of taxes handed down by Sacramento.
Reporter: Guy Marzorati

Why Don't Young People Care About Voting?

Yesterday we talked to Jacob Soboroff from MSNBC about youth voting. That interview about why Soboroff found young people don't vote led to a wider discussion at De Anza High School in Richmond yesterday.
Reporter: Peter Arcuni

Alleged Sexual Abuser Working at Berkeley Catholic Graduate School

The Roman Catholic church’s “zero-tolerance” policy towards sexual abuse in California is once again under fire. This time, from San Francisco Bay Area sex abuse survivors who say a known abuser is working at a graduate school in Berkeley.
Reporter: Rachael Myrow