Tech Stocks Take a Plunge

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Tech Stocks Take a Plunge

Investors sold off their tech stocks yesterday, driving the tech-heavy NASDAQ down 4 percent. Facebook closed down 7 percent. Apple and Google were both down about 5 percent. Since the beginning of this month, the NASDAQ is down almost 8 percent.

Using Public Benefits Could Prevent Legal Immigrants From Gaining Residency

Legal immigrants would have a tougher road to become permanent legal residents if they use certain public benefits under a new rule proposed by the Trump administration. In California, home to more immigrants than any other state, the impact could be huge.
Reporter: Farida Jhabvala Romero

Los Angeles County Faces Major Uptick in Typhus

Parts of Los Angeles County are dealing with a major uptick of the flea-borne illness typhus. The L.A. County, Pasadena and Long Beach, health departments have reported more than 90 cases so far this year.
Reporter: Priska Neely

Explaining Prop 11: Lunch Breaks for EMTs

Proposition 11 is about the EMTs and paramedics who work on ambulances. Under this measure, when paramedics want to take a break to get coffee or lunch, they would have to keep their radios on in case an emergency comes up.
Reporter: April Dembosky

Do Young People Care About Voting?

Host John Sepulvado saw a video clip the other day of MSNBC's Jacob Soboroff doing a story from UC Irvine about young people not voting. He would go on to publicly drag Soboroff on Twitter for asking a group of young strangers to talk about something very personal for many people: their votes. And when they didn't respond, using it as an example to prove young people don't care about voting. Soboroff came on the show today to defend that story.
Guest: Jacob Soboroff