'Money Flows North, the Green Goes South'

10 min
Highway 101 in Cloverdale. (Adam Grossberg/KQED)

Huedell Freeman was hauling 47 pounds of marijuana from a farm in Mendocino County to a medical dispensary in Los Angeles when two Rohnert Park police officers pulled him over. They took his weed, gave him a citation and let him go. Freeman was never charged with a crime, nor was his marijuana ever returned. Today, an investigation into the suspicious allegations of pot and cash seizures on Highway 101 by the Rohnert Park officers in the North Bay.

Update: KQED has learned that Rohnert Park police did in fact request that prosecutors file charges against Huedell Freeman. This corrects an earlier version.

Guest: Sukey Lewis, KQED criminal justice reporter

This story was reported in collaboration with the North Coast Journal and independent reporter Kym Kemp. Get more details about the questionable police seizures by reading the full story here

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