100,000 California Teens Preregistered to Vote

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100,000 California Teens Preregistered to Vote

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla says 100,000 teens have completed their paperwork to vote when they turn 18. Sixteen- and 17-year-olds have been signing up to vote since the pre-registration program launched in September 2016. Padilla says thousands have signed up since the Parkland school shooting in Florida in February that inspired a national week of school walkouts and voter registration drives to bring attention to gun violence.
Reporter: Muna Danish

Facebook Increasingly Scrutinizes Third-Party Developers

Facebook is increasing how much it scrutinizes developers before letting them access user data. This comes after revelations that a marketing firm hired by the Trump campaign got its hands on data from some 87 million Facebook profiles.
Reporter: Sam Harnett

Will Robots Save Us From Natural Disasters?

When the next earthquake, fire or mudslide happens in California, who are you going to call? How about a robot? It sounds like science fiction, but researchers at the California Institute of Technology are working on a futuristic plan to master disaster: sending smart machines in to save the humans.
Reporter: Valerie Hamilton

Southern California Air Regulators Consider Subsidizing Cleaner Trucks

In Southern California air regulators have been floating the idea of a new sales tax: The money raised would buy private companies cleaner trucks and buses. But a new survey may be giving them pause.
Reporter: Molly Peterson

Arcata May Remove William McKinley Statue

A 112-year-old statue of U.S. President William McKinley will be removed from Arcata's historic town square if the City Council has its way. Members voted 4-1 to take it down in February, but the issue has now garnered national attention.
Reporter: Natalya Estrada

Body Found Near Site of Deadly SUV Crash in Mendocino

A body was recovered Saturday near where an SUV plunged off a Northern California cliff last month, killing a family of eight in what authorities suspect may have been an intentional crash.
Reporter: Hope McKenney

Democratic Women Seek Political Inroads in California's Conservative Central Valley

Long a Republican stronghold, California’s Central Valley is often at odds with the state’s more liberal coastal communities. But Democrats believe that demographic changes and the reaction to Donald Trump’s election have created some opportunities for them in the valley.
Reporter: Katie Orr

Bill Seeks to Inform Patients of Doctor Misconduct

Would you want to know if your doctor was on probation for drinking on the job? How about sexual misconduct? You will if a bill being introduced Monday makes it through the state Legislature.
Reporter: Tara Siler