L.A. Entrepreneur Launches 'Working Hero' PAC to Support Progressive Candidates

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Investor and entrepreneur Joseph Sanberg (http://joesanberg.com)

Los Angeles investor and entrepreneur Joseph Sanberg is stepping up his political involvement.

Sanberg runs the nonprofit CalEITC4Me, which tries to help low-income Californians take advantage of the state's Earned Income Tax Credit.

On Monday he launched the Working Hero PAC, which will initially support progressive congressional candidates running against conservative Republican incumbents.

"There's a lot of California members of Congress who have supported policies that favor privilege, that make basic needs more expensive and that give monopolies and their lobbyists control over the economy and our democracy," Sanberg said.

Sanberg would not rule out a run for office himself. And while speaking to the Sacramento Press Club, he railed against state politicians who tout the state's progressive policies while so many Californians live at or close to the poverty level. Though sometimes mentioned as a possible U.S. Senate candidate, Sanberg praised state Senate leader Kevin de León, who is running against incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein.


"I think Kevin's been an effective, progressive leader," Sanberg said. "I definitely think Kevin cares about helping people afford their basic needs."

Sanberg was less clear about where he stands on the race for governor. He declined to say if he supports a candidate or whether he'll run. But he said he'll be thinking more about state politics over the course of the year.

He's not the only wealthy businessman who made political news Monday.

San Francisco-based billionaire Tom Steyer announced he would spend $30 million registering millennials to vote and getting them to the polls in 10 states, including Nevada, Michigan, Florida and California.

Steyer ended speculation he might run for statewide office in California, saying he preferred to try to change the nation's political direction.

"My fight is not just in California," Steyer said at a press conference in Washington, D.C.. "My fight is removing Donald Trump from office and from power. And that starts with taking the House back in 2018."