The California Report

Bipartisan group of Lawmakers Introduces a New Clean Water Bill

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is trying to create an annual fund of 140 million dollars. The money will pay for upgrades to over three hundred communities in the state that don’t have safe drinking water.
Reporter Guy Marzorati

Clean-up of a Battery Recycling Plant Could Take Years to Finish, Because of Cost

We’ve been bringing you stories about the East Los Angeles communities that were showered with lead dust from the now closed “Exide Technologies” battery recycling plant in Vernon. The state Department of Toxic Substances Control plans to begin removing contaminated dirt from thousands of properties this fall.
Reporter Chris Richard

California's CSU System Faces Scrutiny Over Too Many Management Positions

The state’s public university systems have been facing more scrutiny over their hiring and pay practices. Yesterday, it was Cal State’s turn to get grilled by lawmakers for the so-called “management bloat” on campuses.
Reporter Ana Tintocalis

Dean of UC Berkeley Law School Discusses The First Amendment on the Eve of Rallies in The Bay Area

This weekend, hard right groups plan to hold rallies in the Bay Area … bringing their messages of free speech and white supremacy to the heart of liberal California. Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean and Professor of Law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, speaks about these issues.
Reporter John Sepulvado