Listener Stories - A Boat, a Baby and the Blue Skies of Montana

40 min
 (Gavin McClurg/ KQED)

We've been asking for your stories, and on the last episode of Season 2, we highlight three of our listeners' leaps.

Gavin McClurg embarked on a death-defying adventure on the Pacific that changed the direction of his life. Amy Gotliffe decided to adopt a baby as a single mother, an experience that brought her both joy and heartbreak. And, at 58 years of age, Bette Giordano left her husband, her ailing father and her way of life for a journey of self discovery in the West.

Gavin McClurg at work on his boat. He has completed nearly two circumnavigations of the globe. (Gavin McClurg/ KQED)
Gavin and his first mate, Jody MacDonald, in 2006. (Gavin McClurg/ KQED)
Amy Gotliffe lives in Oakland, California. (Amy Gotliffe/ KQED)
Amy and Leo River in his nursery. (Amy Gotliffe/ KQED)
Amy Gotliffe with baby Leo River. (Amy Gotliffe/ KQED)
Bette Giordano at her home in Connecticut. (Bette Giordano/ KQED)
Bette Giordano (grey hat) whitewater rafting in Montana. (Bette Giordano/ KQED)
Bette in Montana. (Bette Giordano/ KQED)