California's First Dog, Sutter, Has Died

A photo from the @SutterBrown Twitter account.

Updated, Dec. 30, 2016:

It's a sad day for animal lovers and political watchers across California. Gov. Jerry Brown's 13-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, Sutter, has died. The governor's press office announced the news on Twitter.

Add one more name to the list of "celebrities" who passed in 2016.

Sutter's final tweet came earlier this month.


Sutter is survived by his sister, Colusa Lucy Brown, and parents, Gov. Jerry Brown and first lady Anne Gust Brown.

Original Post:

Sutter Brown has fallen ill. And it looks like cancer.

The 13-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, who was adopted by Gov. Jerry Brown and first lady Anne Gust Brown six years ago, is well known as California's First Dog. He was a fixture on the campaign trail in 2012, when Brown was pushing a ballot measure to help balance the state budget, and has helped soften the governor's image.

Sutter fell ill on Friday and was rushed to an animal hospital by the governor and first lady, Brown spokesman Evan Westrup said in a written statement. According to Westrup, Sutter underwent emergency surgery, during which "numerous masses," were discovered in his intestines, lymph nodes and liver. The masses are most likely cancer, he said.

California First Dog Sutter Brown has cancer.
California First Dog Sutter Brown has cancer. (Courtesy of the Governor's Office)

"While Sutter pulled through surgery, the vets were not able to remove all of the cancer and his condition remains critical," he said. "While we do not have the results from the biopsies yet, the prognosis is likely to be very poor. He will continue to rest and recover at the animal hospital in the days ahead. The focus is on getting him well enough to come home, so he can spend time with his family, including Colusa, whose spirits have been very low with her brother gone."

Colusa is Sutter's adoptive sister, who joined the first family in 2015.

The pooches are not above helping their parents push political messaging.

And they're a welcome break from politics as usual around the Capitol.

We hope Sutter can head home soon.