Good Read: Why College Costs So Much and Who Benefits

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Panoddaily has a neat interactive explainer discussing why higher education costs so much, who benefits and whether there are any positive changes on the horizon. It delves into the history of college, why expenses have risen (including the role of college sports) and goes on to explore the extraordinary debt that many students are taking on so they can attend college. And, so it's not all doom and gloom, the piece takes a look at "startup saviors," like MOOCs, to try and ascertain whether these innovations really can upset the trajectory of higher education.

Instinctively, everyone knows that colleges spend a lot of money on athletics. A recent study from the American Institutes for Research (AIR) gets at just how out-of-whack spending on athletics and academics really is. The study found that in 2010, the 120 principal football schools (known as the Football Bowl Subdivision or FBS colleges) spent $92,000 per athlete and only $14,000 per non-athlete.

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