Should Stanford's Endowment Be Taxed?

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As state schools buckle under swelling class sizes and shrinking budgets, Harvard University's endowment reached $36.4 billion in 2014. Stanford's is $21.4 billion. Both are untaxed. A recent report makes the case that not taxing the large endowments of private universities essentially amounts to public subsidies for private institutions. We'll discuss whether the current system of tax breaks benefits a small elite or helps private -- but non-profit -- universities foster academic excellence.


Jordan Weissman, senior business and economic correspondent, Slate; author of recent article "Is It Time to Tax Harvard's Endowment?"

Jorge Klor de Alva, president, Nexus Research and Policy Center; co-author of "Rich Schools, Poor Students: Tapping Large University Endowments to Improve Student Outcomes"

Charles Skorina, managing partner, Charles Skorina and Company