Rebroadcast: Are Today's Kids Overprotected?

at 10:00 AM
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Do you let your elementary school kid walk to school alone? Do you let your nine-year-old play unsupervised at a park? For recent generations of children, play almost always happens in the presence of an adult. But there is growing concern among parents and experts that kids need more freedom to explore the world on their own. We'll discuss how today's parents weigh risks and safety concerns for their kids, and what has changed from previous generations.


Rona Renner, parenting coach and author of "Is That Me Yelling"

Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School and co-author of "50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)"

Markella Rutherford, associate professor of sociology at Wellesley College and author of "Adult Supervision Required: Private Freedom and Public Constraints for Parents and Children"