What Lies Behind 'The ADHD Explosion'

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More than 10 percent of school-aged children in the U.S. -- 6.4 million kids -- have been medically diagnosed with ADHD. That's more than a 40 percent increase from a decade ago. UC Berkeley professors Stephen Hinshaw and Richard Scheffler wonder whether diagnosis can be traced to our country's push for academic achievement and school accountability. At the same time, they say kids from families with little access or trust in the health care system are often under-diagnosed with ADHD, and missing out on helpful treatment. We talk with Hinshaw and Scheffler about their new book, "The ADHD Explosion."


Richard Scheffler, professor of health economics and public policy at UC Berkeley and co-author of "The ADHD Explosion"

Stephen Hinshaw, professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, vice chair for psychology at UCSF and co-author of "The ADHD Explosion"