Proposed Plan Would Limit Activities in Yosemite

at 10:00 AM
 (Craig Miller/KQED)

The National Park Service's plan for the future of Yosemite could mean no more bike or horse rentals, rafting, swimming or ice skating at the park. According to park service officials, reducing the human footprint is critical to preserving Yosemite for future generations. But some park regulars are opposing the plan, saying that the recreational facilities are historic and central to the park's mission. Meanwhile, some environmentalists are saying the restoration plan does not go far enough. We'll dig into that debate and discuss what the future holds for this California treasure.


Tom McClintock, representative of the 4th District of the U.S. Congress

Paul Rogers, environment reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and managing editor of KQED's science and environment unit

Greg Adair, director of Friends of Yosemite Valley

Wendy Brown-Barry, founder and chairman of Yosemite for Everyone, a group that opposes the plan to remove commercial facilities from Yosemite

Ron Sundergill, senior director of the pacific region at the National Parks Conservation Association, which supports the Merced River plan for Yosemite