First Person: Mal Sharpe

at 10:00 AM

Before "Borat" and "The Daily Show," there was "Coyle and Sharpe." The 1960s San Francisco radio comedy team of Mal Sharpe and Jim Coyle helped to pave the way for today's prankster comedians with their absurdist "man on the street" interviews for KGO radio. We talk with Sharpe about the art of the put-on, his long career in Bay Area broadcasting, and his Dixieland band Big Money in Jazz. He joins us as part of our "First Person" series on the leaders, innovators, and others who make the Bay Area unique.



Mal Sharpe, Bay Area radio personality, musician, and humorist. His band Big Money in Jazz plays every Saturday afternoon at the Savoy Tivoli in San Francisco's North Beach.