Landmark Elections in Pakistan

at 9:00 AM
 (Rizwan Tabassum/Getty Images)

Pakistan's general election on May 11th marks the first successful transition from one democratically elected parliament to another in the nation's 66-year history. But with more than 100 people killed, the election run-up has been blighted by violence. In another sign of mounting tensions, Pakistan's Interior Ministry has ordered the expulsion of The New York Times bureau chief in Islamabad. We'll discuss the election, and what it signifies for Pakistan.


Daniel Markey, senior fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations; and former State Department policy planner

Madiha Tahir, cofounder and editor of the zine, Tanqeed

Simbal Khan, director, Woodrow Wilson Center, Afghanistan and Central Asia Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad