'Why Priests? A Failed Tradition'

at 9:00 AM
 (Silent Shot/Flickr)

Garry Wills says he has nothing against priests. He respects priests, and he once tried to be one. But in his new book, he questions whether there is any precedent for the priesthood based in the early church and the New Testament. Wills argues that a church system that exalts priests runs counter to Jesus' teachings on community, and that the it can lead to corruption and sin. Author and historian Garry Wills joins us to talk about his book, "Why Priests? A Failed Tradition."


Garry Wills, emeritus professor of history at Northwestern University; his most recent book is "Why Priests? A Failed Tradition;" previous books include the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Lincoln at Gettysburg" and "Martial's Epigrams"