Has the Military Abandoned Osama bin Laden's Shooter?

at 10:00 AM
 (John Moore/Getty Images)

The Navy SEAL who says he killed Osama bin Laden has left the service and, according to a new profile in Esquire magazine, now feels abandoned by the military, with inadequate health coverage, no pension and no security detail. We talk with Phil Bronstein, the author of the piece, about the details of bin Laden's shooting and the hardships faced by even the most elite military personnel when they return to civilian life. And we discuss the controversy surrounding the article. Critics say the piece mischaracterizes the services the government provides to veterans. Among other charges, they say the article failed to acknowledge the health benefits to which bin Laden's shooter is entitled.


Phil Bronstein, executive chairman of the Center for Investigative Reporting and former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle