Undocumented Students, 'In and Out of Shadows'

at 10:00 AM
 (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Poet and playwright Gary Soto has spent a good part of his life writing about the migrant laborers he grew up with in the San Joaquin Valley. In a new play set to run at San Francisco's Marsh Theater, Soto decided to tackle the newest generation of immigrants: the undocumented students struggling to stay in school and keep their parents from being deported. We talk to the poet and the theater's co-founder about this new work, as well as some young immigrants trying to stay in the United States.


Gary Soto, poet, playwright and author of 11 poetry collections including the poem "Oranges" and the play "In and Out of Shadows," for the Marsh Youth Theater

Emily Klion, director and co-founder of the Marsh Youth Theater

Putri Siti Dyannie, undocumented student from Indonesia who was interviewed for the play "In and Out of Shadows"

Adan Ruiz, former undocumented immigrant who is now a permanent resident and actor playing the role of Juan One in the play "In and Out of Shadows"