Trump Faces Four Concurrent Lawsuits. Will They Impact His Presidential Aspirations?

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Former President Donald Trump Surrenders to Fulton County jail in election case. (Joe Raedle via Getty Images)

For a conventional candidate, facing a criminal indictment might preclude a run for public office. But for Donald Trump, at least up until now, litigation, both criminal and civil, has done little to change his political aspirations or his base’s support. But are the cases filed in D.C. and Georgia, which allege interference with the 2020 election and an attempt to subvert the election’s outcome, different and do they place Trump in legal peril? How do the facts in these cases diverge from those brought up in Trump’s second impeachment for conduct related to the January 2020 insurrection? We’ll talk to experts and hear from you.


Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor, Slate - covering the courts and the law. She also hosts the podcast Amicus. Her New York Times Bestseller "Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America" is available in paperback on September 19th.

Andrew Prokop, senior politics reporter, Vox