Forum From the Archives: What’s Your Podcast of the Year?

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True crime. Gossip. Niche sports. Deep-dive history. The podcasts that have critics and podcasters hooked in 2022 vary. But what makes a good podcast in today’s saturated and corporate-shaped landscape? We’ll hear from a panel of podcast lovers about the shows that made them turn on episode notifications. And we want to hear from you: Whether your Spotify Wrapped called it your top podcast of 2022 or it’s what you play when you can’t sleep, we hear about your favorite podcasts this year.

This segment originally aired Dec. 2


Ronald Young, Jr.

Wil Williams

Skye Pillsbury



Wil Williams, CEO, Hughouse Productions.

Ronald Young Jr. , audio producer and storyteller, Senior Producer/Owner, ohitsBigRon studios; host, "Leaving the Theater" podcast.

Skye Pillsbury, author, The Squeeze newsletter which reports on the podcast industry