How We Can Be Less Weird About Money

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Paco de Leon, author of the book "Finance for the People," poses for a portrait. PHOTO CREDIT: Jenn Pablo

“We are all weird about money,” writes Paco de Leon in her new book, “Finance for the People.” Getting a grip on your finances often means learning how to deal with an unequal system, she writes. And, according to her, having money means having power — and that means it’s vital for all people to understand how to save, pay off loans and invest. This all begins with asserting your worth — something people of marginalized communities are systematically disincentivized from doing, in part because they’ve long been hurt by wage and revenue gaps. De Leon is the founder of The Hell Yeah Group, a financial firm designed to assist creatives with their finances, and is a creative herself. She joins us to talk about all things financial, and to hear from you: What’s affected your ability to get the money you deserve?


Paco de Leon, Founder of The Hell Yeah Group - author, "Finance for the People"