The Joys and Challenges of Parenting as an Immigrant

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Raising children is a daunting task, but when you are an immigrant, there can be so many more obstacles and opportunities to navigate: Should you raise your child to speak your native language? How much of your culture do you want to celebrate and what might you want to leave behind? How should you react when your child rejects your lovingly made bento or tiffin filled with homemade delicacies for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Author and immigrant Masha Rumer has pondered these questions in her new book, “Parenting with an Accent,” and we’ll talk to her and a panel of parents about the joys and heartaches of raising a child far from the country you came from.


Masha Rumer, author, "Parenting with an Accent"

Dr. Juan Gavidia, licensed marital and family therapist. Gavidia specializes in working with first- and second-generation immigrant families and is an immigrant from El Salvador.

Rajika Bhandari, author, "America Calling: A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility." Dr. Bhandari is an immigrant from India, and a recognized expert on international education.

Connie Chang, freelance journalist. She wrote the New York Times article, "Connecting My Children to Their Heritage in Mandarin."