So, That Didn't Age Well: When Our Favorite Movies and TV Shows Don't Hold Up

at 10:00 AM
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Have you watched a throwback TV show or movie recently that — upon viewing now — made you cringe because of scenes or jokes that are so obviously, well, cringeworthy? The expansive library of old TV shows and films made available for nostalgia viewing on streaming services prompted some rude awakenings about content we thought we loved. We’ll reflect on the ways our awareness as viewers may have shifted and consider the TV shows and films that don’t quite stack up to today’s social norms. We’ll also discuss the movies and shows that have stood the test of time and why. Is there an old TV show or film that lost its charm for you upon re-watching?


Constance Grady, culture writer, Vox

Dave Schilling, co-host, Galaxy Brains podcast