California 12th Graders Reflect on Their Interrupted Senior Year

24 min
at 10:00 AM
 (Bryan Bindloss, KQED)

The coronavirus pandemic has upended schooling for millions of students across the state. For high school seniors, it's meant an unceremonious end to their K-12 education. To hear directly from high school seniors about what it feels like to have their pivotal senior year interrupted by a pandemic, KQED launched a project inviting students to share their stories by video. We'll hear from some of the students about their experiences and how they're coping.


Ariana Proehl, producer, Forum and KQED's "Senior Year, Interrupted" project

Jessica Muñoz-Mendoza, senior, Alternatives in Action High School

Alex Wick, senior, Bayhill High School

Alejandro Duarte, senior, Richmond High School