Social Media and 'The End of Forgetting'

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People are now forming their permanent identities online from an early age.  (iStock)

Part of growing up is being able to forget in order to change and reinvent yourself. New media technologies, like Youtube and Facebook, are increasingly making the past unforgettable. What does it mean for the new generation of young people to never be able to fully let go of their past — even the most embarrassing photos? According to Kate Eichhorn, culture and media professor at New York City’s New School, people are now forming their identities online from an early age and in the process, creating a permanent record that’s impossible to delete. Forum talks with Eichhorn about her new book, “The End of Forgetting: Growing Up with Social Media,” and the future of growing up. We want to hear from you: How are you making decisions about the images and content you share of yourself or your kids online?


Kate Eichhorn, author, “The End of Forgetting: Growing Up with Social Media"; culture and media associate professor, New School