Former Secretary of Defense Takes Readers ‘Inside’ Pentagon

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Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter's new book "Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons from a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon" came out on June 11.  (Photo: Amanda Walker/Dutton Publicity)

As secretary of defense, Ash Carter urged the Pentagon to “think outside” of its “five-sided box.” Now, his new memoir offers a rare glance inside that five-sided box, recalling Carter’s decades of work at the Department of Defense. It offers a “user’s guide” to the $700 billion defense budget, a consideration of global trouble spots and an analysis of how the U.S. military could maintain its technological edge. Technology was a focus of Carter’s career; in 2016, he helped create the “Hack the Pentagon” program that offered payment for finding software bugs in Defense Department websites. Carter joins us to discuss America’s security challenges and his book “Inside The Five-Sided Box.”


Ash Carter, former secretary of defense; author, "Inside The Five-Sided Box"