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Forum on the Road: How to Make Aging in Place Work

51 min
at 9:00 AM
An elderly woman cooks at a stove top. (Image: Getty Images)

Many seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, but mental and physical limitations often get in the way. In this hour, we look at when aging in place is a viable option, how to make homes more accessible and what resources are available to support seniors and their caregivers. Tell us: What factored into your decision to age in place or move into a senior community? What tips do you have for seniors who want to stay in their homes?

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Carrie Graham, director of health policy, Health Research for Action, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Shireen McSpadden, executive director, Department of Aging and Adult Services, City and County of San Francisco

Anna Chodos, assistant professor of medicine, division of geriatrics, UCSF