As Resolutions Approach, Heather Havrilesky Asks 'What if This Were Enough?'

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at 10:00 AM
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It seems everywhere we turn, we are reminded about something we could better: eat healthier, work smarter, learn faster. Heather Havrilesky sees this insatiable need for improvement up-close: she herself writes the popular "Ask Polly" advice column for The Cut. In her new collection of essays, "What if This Were Enough?" Havrilesky breaks down the larger cultural forces behind the drive for perfection and urges us to find fulfillment in the flawed moment. Tell us: what imperfection about yourself or your life have you learned to accept?


Heather Havrilesky, "Ask Polly" advice columnist, New York Magazine's The Cut; author, "What if This Were Enough?"