The Bay Area's Best Visual Art of 2018

23 min
at 10:00 AM
Dancer Stephanie Hewett on the grand staircase of San Francisco City Hall in XUXA SANTAMARIA's 'Song4Sanctuary' on Nov. 26, 2018.  (Photo: Melissa Dale)

From a “Falling Wall” of dancers to the surrealist work of René Magritte, visual artists gave Bay Area residents plenty of reasons to stop, watch and think this year. But even as artists pushed boundaries and created standout works, the local art world faced fresh challenges: 2018 saw the trimming of curatorial staff and programs. Forum considers the year in visual art. Tell us: what did you see this year that resonated or stayed with you?

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Gabe Meline, senior editor, KQED Arts

Sarah Hotchkiss, visual arts editor, KQED Arts