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Federal Climate Reports Finds Communities Already Affected, Economic Losses to Come

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at 9:30 AM
The Embarcadero's seawall, in some areas, provide little to no separation between the cityscape and the sea in San Francisco, Calif., on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  (Photo: Lauren Hanussak/KQED)

A major federal climate report released last week presents a comprehensive account of how global warming is impacting U.S. communities, including the increased frequency of wildfires. The report, which was mandated by Congress, also projects that climate change will have drastic effects on the American economy, causing a 10 percent decrease in GDP by 2100. On Monday, President Trump responded to the report's economic findings, saying, "I don't believe it." Forum discusses the report's many findings including local health impacts and what can be done to adapt to a changing climate.

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Kendra Pierre-Louis, climate desk reporter, The New York Times

Kate Gordon, senior adviser, Paulson Institute

Dr. Helene Margolis, associate professor, UC Davis, School of Medicine