SF Court Too Lenient on Property Crimes, Critics Charge

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In June, the Santa Clara County ballot will feature California's first judge recall measure in 86 years. (Photo: Getty Images)

San Franciscans frustrated with a Superior Court they deem too lenient on property crime are pointing to the example of a convicted auto burglar indicted on 20 counts back in April. According to a recent San Francisco Chronicle column, DeShawn Patton could be released on probation instead of serving a longer prison sentence. Although reports of car break-ins have gone down 20 percent in 2018, property crime as a whole increased 15 percent from 2016-2017. We'll discuss what this case could mean for property crime deterrence in San Francisco and how to tackle meaningful criminal justice reform while keeping our streets safe.

Second Chances? How About 11? SF Judge Takes Property Crime Leniency to New Level (San Francisco Chronicle)


Heather Knight, columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

Jeff Adachi, San Francisco public defender