'The Good News About Bad Behavior' Examines Best Practices When Disciplining Kids

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Katherine Reynolds Lewis, author of "The Good News About Bad Behavior." (Suz Redfearn Photography)

In “The Good News About Bad Behavior,” journalist Katherine Reynolds Lewis advocates for an approach to child-rearing that allows for “the messiness of childhood.” As children today navigate tech and social media, a changing landscape of play, and a culture more oriented to personal success than family well-being, Lewis argues that we can no longer rely on old methods of discipline such as time outs. Instead, when addressing behavioral issues in children, we must focus on the “4 R’s”: consequences must be respectful, reasonable, related to the issue, and revealed beforehand. We’ll talk about what Lewis learned over five years of research into what works when dealing with bad behavior.


Katherine Reynolds Lewis, journalist; author, "The Good News About Bad Behavior"