San Francisco Memorial to ‘Comfort Women’ Stirs Debate

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at 10:00 AM
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‘Column of Strength,’ at its unveiling ceremony on Sept. 22, 2017.  (Photo: Phyllis Kim)

A statue of a grandmother figure and three young women unveiled in San Francisco's Chinatown last week is part of a growing movement to honor the up to 200,000 women and girls from Korea, China and the Philippines sexually enslaved under the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. There are now 50 comfort women statues around the world, which for many, symbolize the pursuit of justice for the women and their families. We’ll discuss the new San Francisco installation and hear from critics who say the statues unfairly highlight Japan for wartime atrocities.

Lillian Sing,
co-chair, Comfort Women Justice Coalition (CWJC); former San Francisco Superior Court judge

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