Ken Burns and Lynn Novick Spent a Decade Capturing Stories of 'The Vietnam War'

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Marines marching in Danang. (THE VIETNAM WAR/Courtesy of Associated Press)

Over four decades ago, the last U.S. helicopter lifted away from Saigon and the North Vietnamese Army captured the city soon thereafter. Now, a new documentary from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick takes a panoramic look at the conflict, including accounts from 79 witnesses from all sides of the war. The 10-part series premieres Sept. 17 on PBS. Long-time collaborators Burns and Novick previously worked together on “The Civil War” and “Prohibition” documentaries. Burns and Novick join us to talk about the lasting effects of the Vietnam era and the stories they uncovered from a decade’s worth of filming.


Ken Burns, filmmaker & historian, "The Vietnam War"
Lynn Novick, producer & documentary filmmaker, "The Vietnam War"

Their new documentary, “The Vietnam War,” premieres Sept. 17 on PBS.