Exploring the Wild World of Weird Creatures

at 10:00 AM
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Trap-jaw ants like Odontomachus coquereli are known for their fast, predatory strikes.  (Photo: Alex Wild)

Imagine a fungus that controls the mind of an ant, turning it into a zombie. Or a violent frog that uses its mustache as a weapon. Or a fish that can choke a shark with its slimy snot. In this hour, we'll talk to WIRED science writer Matt Simon and California Academy of Sciences researchers about the wild and weird creatures they study.

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Some of the Creatures Discussed:


Matt Simon, science writer and video host, WIRED; author, "The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar: Evolution's Unbelievable Solutions to Life's Biggest Problems."

Brian Fisher, curator and chair of entomology, California Academy of Sciences

Tierney Thys, marine biologist, filmmaker and National Geographic explorer

Rebecca Johnson, citizen science research coordinator, California Academy of Sciences