Rebroadcast: In My Experience: Homeless in the Bay Area

23 min
at 9:00 AM
A homeless encampment in San Francisco's Mission District. (Photo: Eric Lawson/San Francisco Public Press)

Over 6,600 people are homeless in San Francisco, according to a 2015 count by the city. That includes not just people living on the streets, but those residing in shelters, cars, and other temporary locations. As part of Forum’s “In My Experience” series, and as part of the SF Homeless Project media collaboration, homeless Bay Area residents take us inside their day-to-day lives and share some of the personal stories behind the statistics.


Mark, has been homeless for about a year; currently lives in his car

Jackie Juarez, homeless; currently lives in a tent

Pastor Elaine Amos, homeless; currently lives in the San Francisco's Navigation Center

Harmonie Taylor, homeless student; currently sleeps on friends' and acquaintances' couches