Taste This: Apples + Ex Cons = Crooked City Cider in Oakland

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Leslie Sbrocco, host of Taste This, toasts Dana Bushouse and her moonshine-making family. Her uncles’ bootlegging beginnings inspired her to keep it legal, and now she ferments her apples on the right side of the law… at Crooked City Cider in Oakland.

Prohibition and Moonshine at Crooked City Cider in Oakland
The crooked history behind Crooked City Cider...

The Story Behind the Crooked City Cider Logo
Crafting their logo is just as intricate as crafting their cider.

Cider Carbonation and Tasting Profiles
Carbonation plays a large role in the making of cider.

Under current federal laws, hard cider must adhere to a certain alcohol by volume (ABV) before it gets taxed at the more expensive rate for wine. Just recently, Congress passed the Cider Act, which increased the allowable alcohol content of cider from less than 7% to less than 8.5%.