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Apply Now to Be on Our New Spin-Off Show: Check, Please! You Gotta Try This!

This past year brought big changes for all of us, and Check, Please! Bay Area was no exception. We have a new look and format for Season 16 and we want YOU to be a part of it. 

We all have a favorite eatery and while we love the location, ambiance and service, there’s very often one dish that keeps us coming back again and again. The sorts of dishes where you tell everyone you meet: You Gotta Try This!

Host Leslie Sbrocco is back this Fall with Check, Please! You Gotta Try This!, a new spin-off series to feed your foodie soul. From savory appetizers and entrees to sinful desserts, we are looking for charismatic Bay Area residents to share their recommendations for the most delectable dishes out there.  What do you happily stand in line for? Is there a culinary creation you’ll go way out of your way to get? What is that one dish that just makes you smile? Every. Single. Time. 

Have you wondered what’s in the sauce, the ingredients or techniques that make it so delicious? We’ll find out as we step into the kitchen as chefs share the personal stories behind their culinary creations. 

Whether you’re 9 or 99, it’s time to share your secret cravings with the rest of us – and the accompanying stories of love, shame, nostalgia or necessity. Create a short video using the suggested tips below and share it with us! You can check which restaurants have already been featured on the show by viewing the Restaurants A-Z list


Remember, the more expressive and detailed you are in the video and on the application form below, the more likely it is that you will be considered as a guest. Don’t sweat the technical aspects too much, we’re mainly interested in what it is you most want to know about your dish and why you love it so much. Good luck!

Apply to Be a Guest on Check, Please! You Gotta Try This!

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