Apply to be a Guest

So, you want to be a guest on Check, Please! Bay Area… now’s your chance to WOW the producers with information about you and your favorite restaurants as we’re getting ready for the next season of the show. If you would like to share your favorite local eatery (restaurant, supper club, diner, lunch cafe, hole-in-the-wall, food truck, etc.) on Check, Please! Bay Area, go ahead and complete the application form below.

You can check which restaurants have already been featured on the show by viewing the Restaurants A-Z list. You must be at least 21 years old and be willing to travel to KQED in San Francisco for both an interview and the taping of the show. You also may be required to travel 50 miles or more to visit restaurants. The taping of the show will be scheduled on a weekday and can take up to four hours.

Remember, the more expressive and detailed you are on this form, the more likely it is that you will be considered as a guest. We love hearing about those restaurants that are off the beaten path -- the more interesting the locale or cuisine, the better. Good luck!